With His hands, Jesus touched, healed, comforted, taught,
prayed, and bled.  The same hands whose power restored sight
to the blind in service to God's love were nailed in agony to a
cross where victory literally arose out of sacrifice and

In Christ we have both the model and the strength to
"live for Him who died" for all.  It is our surrender to the
transforming and enabling power of Christ -- and not by
living for ourselves -- that allows us to serve God and God's
creation sacrificially and willingly.  And, it is with our hands
that we become the tools of Christ in a world full of need and

Christ's work of transformation -- through sacrifice, service
and surrender -- is our call to make disciples and encourage
wholeness in God's precious gift of life.  Even in a world
where agony and opposition challenge our every intention and
action,we serve with joyful hearts . . .and with willing hands.  

Through the annual America for Christ Offering -- and only
because of it -- can National Ministries provide the
sought-after resources utilized by mission-minded American
Baptists who are committed to serve, sacrifice, and surrender.  
Their generous support of American Baptist Churches and
individuals allows for the ongoing and life-transforming

The American Baptist Foreign Mission Society, (operating as
International Ministries), organized in 1814 is the first Baptist
international mission agency formed in North America and the
second oldest Baptist mission agency in the world. We serve
more than 1,800 short-term and long-term missionaries
annually, bringing churches and individuals in the United States
and Puerto Rico together with partners in more than 70 countries
in holistic, cutting-edge ministries that tell the Good News of
Jesus Christ while meeting human need.

International Ministries is supported solely through the
generosity of churches and individuals. Our primary fundraising
vehicle is the World Mission Offering, one of three special
“over-and-above” mission outreach offerings  we receive  
each year to support the work of ABC/USA both at home and