ECCHO (Eastern Cabell County Humanities Organization) --
a food and clothing pantry located at 1038 Smith Street,
Milton, to which our church contributes designated items
such as food, toiletries, etc., as well as financial assistance.

MINISTRY TO THE HOMELESS -- Once a month, volunteers
from MBC work with the Christian Motorcycle Association,
distributing food and clothing to the homeless at Harris
Riverfront Park in Huntington.  We also contribute to the
Huntington City Mission, assisting in their program of
feeding the hungry/homeless.

RED CROSS SHELTER -- Milton Baptist Church is a
designated Red Cross Shelter.  We also sponsor an annual
Blood Drive for the Red Cross.

MISSION TRIPS -- Members and attendees have the
opportunity each summer to go beyond our local and state
boundaries to serve in some way and share the gospel with
those whom we serve.

MISSIONARY SUPPORT -- We can't all go in response to
Christ's command to "Go into all the world".  We can, and
do, provide financial assistance making it possible for those
whom God has called into this area of ministry, enabling
them to go.  We do this through our regular giving and our
over-and-above missionary offerings (America for Christ,
World Mission Offering, One great Hour of Sharing, etc.)